Melania Plagiarized Part Of Her Speech & Angers Trump and Family

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A considerable portion of Melania Trump’s speech on Monday evening appeared to be copied from the 2008 speech given by first lady, Michelle Obama.

The media response varied from compassion for the woman married to the possible next president of the Unite States to outright attacks. Melania’s claim that she penned the speech with minimal help did nothing to distill the thoughts of plagiarism and dishonesty. She told Matt Lauer, the host of NBC’s Today show that she had “as little help as possible” with her speech writing.

Jake Tapper from CNN unequivocally stated, “This is plagiarism.”

Kayleigh McEnany, CNN contributor, claimed that Democrats pushed for this story’s prominence. It’s not just a headline, however, and it’s not just Democrats who want to know the truth of the matter.

Tapper, Dana Bash, and Wolf Blitzer pulled back from outright criticism. Blitzer, possibly representing the network with his statement, expressed sympathy for Melania Trump. Tapper went on to ask what the overall response could be. He stated that many people’s instinct may target the media outlets first.

MSNBC correspondent Brian Williams ironically headed the plagiarism conversation.

Ana Navarro, CNN contributor, took the sympathy track as well when she suggested, “Let’s cut the woman some slack.” with reminders that Melania Trump is not used to this type of activity in the public eye.

Navarro remains critical of Trump and added her thoughts that public relationship would suffer in the wake of the speech-stealing scandal. “He needs to fire someone,” she said and suggested it was something Trump is very good at.

Jeffrey Lord, Trump surrogate, had no positive response to the situation, though he lay the blame on “whoever did this” instead of on Melania Trump’s shoulders. His only attempt to downplay the situation was a reminder that “This is not Benghazi.” The overall impression revealed that many political analysts and news people did not find this a serious breach of ethics or protocol.

Others also tried to downplay the plagiarism. John King of CNN stated that she was blameless in the incident, while Tapper argued that everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

Later that night, CNN’s “After Dark” show hosted another Trump supporter who denied the speech copying was plagiarism in any fashion.

Political director Mark Preston of CNN appeared to take Jeffrey Lord’s track, claiming the stole speech was not a serious error even though it would put a damper on Trump’s first night. Andy Dean, political commentator and a host of a popular talk show, repeated the advice to blame the media and not Melania Trump for the plagiarism.